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Well, that was an interesting year...

It’s been quite the year.




We all know all the bad stuff that’s happened. There’s no need for us to dwell on it. But as we head out for the end of December, we all deserve to take a moment, breathe in, and think of the good things this year has brought us. Like, how people came together, how they volunteered to help out in this unprecedented time, how they smiled underneath their masks, and how they kept on believing. Or maybe, how life, laughter, and love prevailed, in the end.

Or how 2021 already looks a little better and more filled with hope:

  • A vaccine seems to be on its way

  • We proved we can be together, even when apart

  • We’ve learned the power of community

  • We've learned church is not a building, it is you and I.

As we go into this holiday season, let’s all warm up under our blankets with a cup of hot chocolate, video call our family this winter season, and be grateful for the lessons and hope the end of 2020 is bringing along. But most importantly, let us thank God for His protection, for His continuing mercies on us, for sustaining us, and helping us.

Have a blessed holiday season,


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