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Daybreak is changing!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I know many people have been tremendously blessed with being able to join us at 8am for our Daybreak worship service. There is something special with being able to worship outdoors.

As we enter the late fall and winter, we are going to be making two important changes to Daybreak that are effective starting October 31, 2020

1. The start time of Daybreak is moving to 9am (instead of 8am). This will help with the time gap between Daybreak and our Sabbath School classes (at 10:30).

2. Given the cooler weather, we will meet for Daybreak indoors in the Chapel. The temperature dropped more quickly than expected so we will move Daybreak indoors throughout the remainder of the fall and winter. We can't WAIT to move Daybreak back outside in Spring next year.

We promise that we will continue Daybreak indoors with the same design as we did outside - a close, intimate worship experience with our #foreverfamily.

We do require that masks are worn while inside the Chapel at Daybreak.

We appreciate all your support.



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