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What will we do?

Schools aren't meeting. Congregations are not congregating. Meetings are virtual. Businesses are looking for new ways to survive. The Stock Market is crashing. Social Distancing is the choice phrase of the day. I'm not sure we've seen a neck-snapping period as we have this week. As we witness the "new normal" developing in front of our eyes, fear rising, and economic uncertainty, we see how fragile life is here on planet earth.

The question is what will we do?

We, as Christians, have a unique opportunity NOW to show the world the love of God through our actions.

Will we be a people of faith?

Will we be a people of generosity?

Will we be a people that show the love of God?

Even though this is a week that we have never seen before, we have a unique opportunity in this generation of this church. It is in times like these that the words trust and faith take on enhanced meaning.

We need to lean into God and show our trust in God. Show our trust in the fact that God is in control. We need to be voices of hope for those who feel hopeless.

We are going to be doing some new things with community service in our area to show hope for our community and we are going to need your help! We have established a base of giving through our food bank, Kid's Eat Free programs, thrift stores, and other supporting ministries in Keene. It's time to grow from this base to show that the Keene Church is an anchor in the time of storm and each one of you has a part in making this happen!

Stay tuned!

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