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We are Reopening August 22!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We are planning to reopen on August 22 for limited in-person worship and are excited to see our church family soon.

On Sabbath, August 22, we are planning on having in-person worship and some Sabbath School Classes open.

We will also continue to stream Elevate and our Third Service on Facebook and Youtube. (Please note that we will not be able to stream Daybreak).

We will have three worship service options:

  • 8am - Daybreak - We launched this last Sabbath and it was a wonderful experience (and the temperature was comfortable!)

  • 10am - Elevate - A contemporary Worship service in the Sanctuary.

  • 12pm - 3rd Service in the Sanctuary

For Sabbath School classes, please note the start times for Sabbath Schools:

  • We will have a Sabbath School class for Cradle Roll inside in Room 102.

  • Children's Sabbath Schools will be outside at the Annex Pavilion (Ages 3 to 8th Grade). We do as that at least one parent stay with their children at the Annex Pavilion.

  • We will a Youth Sabbath School class (High School/Academy age) in the Upper Room

  • We will have three adult Sabbath School Classes opening: Young-at-Heart, Place of Grace, and the Fellowship Hall Sabbath School classes.

We expect to reopen each Children's Sabbath School Class in their rooms inside on August 29.

We are also expecting additional adult Sabbath School Classes to reopen in September.

Given COVID-19, we require masks to be worn while inside for those medically able to do so. Children under two years old are exempt. For any outside events, if you are socially distanced from others outside your family, you may remove your masks.

We also will have capacity and seating limits that we will manage.

We will be doing cleaning inside the sanctuary at 11am so we expect to have the sanctuary open for seating at 11:30am for our 3rd service.

All our plans are subject to change but we are excited to be moving forward in faith and worshipping with you soon.


Keene Church Pastors

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