• Pastor Steven Solero

Thoughts From the Interim Youth Pastor

You already have experienced what it’s like to be apart from friends and family, isolated at home trying to adjust to the current situation facing the nation. For some boredom has probably made its way into your bones.

As your current youth pastor I have the unique challenge of somehow rounding everyone up so that a sense of spiritual SDA community among our high school teens can still be experienced, and do it all from Dallas county! Please know that The Keene Church cares deeply for our teens. I have been feeling like a novice captain navigating through uncharted and treacherous waters.

The enemy of, “worldly entertainment”, is a formidable, greatly influential foe that many youth pastors, very much including myself, are having to contend with. I believe with all my heart the promise from the mouth of Jesus in Matthew 19:26, “…With God all things are possible…” and that there are ways to minister despite the odds stacked against us.

I have been blessed to be the interim youth pastor for about 2 months now. In my mind I had started getting familiar with the teens and the “vibe” of the Keene youth culture. I had been making progress with building pastoral relationships with them then BAM! Covid-19 enters the scene and disrupted the relationship building.

Separation from each other has given us unexpected time to innovate ways to stay connected while apart. We have done a semi-successful bible study via Zoom. As I’m writing this blog there is a challenge with a prize incentive underway where they can share their creativity. There is a live stream that I have been doing on Instagram Monday, Wednesday, and Friday called Nightcap with Pastor Steve where I discuss the current events and have a short devotional thought.

These efforts have been met with interest on the lower side of the spectrum, however, I continue to pray for more inspiration as we keep pressing on through this period of social distancing. Perhaps The Lord has intended that this time be a time for the healing and strengthening of parent – daughter/son relationship. A time for deep conversation and understanding the individual they are growing to be. Whatever the case may be rest in the fact that the youth department will not give up, and we are here for you! Know you can always reach out to me at:


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