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Message from an old Keene Church Bulletin in 1976

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

During our recent men’s bathroom remodel at the church, this old bulletin from January 22, 1976 was found in the walls during the renovation.

It was damaged but I found it interesting to see the picture of what the Keene Church looked like before the Sabbath School and office renovations, to see what the program was, and what some of the announcements were back in 1976.

As I was reading the announcements from 1976, I saw one announcement that really caught my attention. There was a big emphasis in the bulletin to send aid through the Keene Church Community Services to support the victims of a magnitude 8 earthquake and tsunami that struck the Philippines that resulted in over 4000 deaths.

As we face this oncoming tsunami of COVID-19 affecting our world, I see the same response coming from our #foreverfamily. Questions are coming in almost every day of “How can I help?” We are thankful and blessed we have many people who are asking for ways to help and support our community.

We are in need of food and bottled water donations to support the Kid’s Eat Free Program, our in-house food pantry closet, and feminine hygiene products for our You Matter Period program. Any donations can be brought by the Church office. We will make sure these items get to the people in need.

We are planning on additional food banks and new community service activities we will be doing to support our community - exactly like we did in 1976 as people rallied to support the victims of the earthquake.

This is our moment to step up and show our community how to Love, Connect, and Share.



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