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Keene Church Reopening Plan (August Update)

Dear Church Family,

We are moving forward on a two-fold plan to reopen the Keene Church for limited in-person Worship, Sabbath School classes, and offer some unique worship opportunities in August.

All of this is subject to change given the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation in Texas and Johnson County. Any changes we make will be to ensure the safety of our church family.

After meeting with our church board this week, we have approved a plan where we will offer limited in person worship starting August 22 at the Keene Church.

8:00am - "Daybreak" - A traditional worship service held OUTSIDE at the Annex Pavilion. (This actually starts August 8!) 10:00am - Elevate - A contemporary worship service in the sanctuary 12:00pm - A Traditional Worship Service held in the sanctuary.

The worship times have been adjusted to ensure we have time to safely clean the sanctuary.

We are also planning to offer these Sabbath School options starting August 22:

10:15am - Children's Sabbath School (all ages) outside at the Annex Pavilion (Think VBS style!) 10:15am - Upper Room Sabbath School (High School/Academy ages) in the Upper Room 10:15am - a few Adult Sabbath School classes that will meet in our larger rooms in the Keene Church (we will provide more details soon!)

Per CDC recommendations, we will require masks to be worn for all indoor events and masks will be worn for outside events until social distancing can be maintained.

We will be doing additional sanitation and cleaning during each service. We will require social distancing and will have seating setup in the sanctuary to promote social distancing.

We are looking to do some additional unique programs to help us come together:

  • August 1 at 7pm - Family Agape Picnic and Communion (outside, in the lawn area between the Hopps Museum and the Keene Church

  • August 2 at 7pm - Parking lot Picassos and Popsicles - A Family Ministries event for the family to come and decorate our parking lot spaces with chalk drawings

  • August 7 at 7pm - "Step Out" - A new Youth Vespers outside at the Annex Pavilion

  • August 8 at 8am - "Daybreak" - A new outdoor worship starting each Sabbath at 8am at the Annex Pavilion

We would love to hear your ideas on other innovate programs we can do while in the midst of COVID-19.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we move forward in faith.

Blessings, Keene Church Pastors

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