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He Has Risen!

"Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how He told you. . . .” — Luke 24:5-6

That one phrase "Remember how He told you ..." clearly shows that Jesus is the one in control. His sacrifice was planned for and done according to His plan. From our point of view, the odds were stacked against Him. But from his point of view, it was the perfect execution of His plan that God put in place when man sinned.

As we reflect on the meaning of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus is the most inspiring event in our world history. If you think about some of the resurrection events in the Bible, we think of Elisha that God used to raise a dead boy to life, we think of the bones of Elisha who through God's power resurrected a man, and we think of the miracles of Jesus resurrecting individuals.

With each of these resurrection events recorded in the Bible, they were temporary. The unique thing about Jesus' resurrection is that it is permanent and Jesus overcame death forever!

Many of us have were saddened that we had to cancel the resurrection pageant. I hope you have been following the Resurrection Pageant Blog where leaders of the pageant have been writing on the various stages in the pageant. It is insightful and inspiring. It's worth reading.

Yes, we are saddened that we weren't able to experience the pageant this year, but we should be ecstatic that Jesus overcame it all for us!

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