• Rick Weaver

Get your Quarterlies! (and Little Friend, Primary Treasure, and Guide!)

We've setup a table just for you! If you are would like to pick up a Quarterly or have a loved one who is missing their weekly Little Friend, Primary Treasure, or Guide, we've got one for you! We've setup a table that will has all your Sabbath School material! We will put the new Children's Sabbath School material out each week for you.

Just come by the Church and go in the side door (close to the Deacon's room) and take what you will use! We will keep this door unlocked from 9a-5p Monday-Thursday and 9a-12p Friday and Sabbath.

If someone can't get to the church office to pick up a quarterly, just let the church office know and we will drop one by your house.

Let us know how else we can help!

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